Akara is an action word; it means ‘she does’ —

As in she builds, composes, creates. 

Akara is also a very moreish fritter, indigenous to Nigeria. 

We make them like crazy.  

Our professional team of kitchen and service folk are like family. When abroad, we adopt locals and our family grows.
We do not use animal products, ever. We do not use animal products, ever.
If your venue has a proper kitchen, we’ll swoop in and out. If your venue is a meadow, we’ll build a kitchen, then swoop.
Akara is all about enjoyment, delight, showing off, and sharing.
Tastings are by appointment only. Ring us today!


Our chef, Mary Vyn, had a burgeoning career in her twenties cooking privately for public figures.  She’s not famous herself, but receives praise at each turn. Since settling in Boston, Mary shifted to run kitchens entirely free of animal products. She remains dedicated to expressive, delicious, celebratory food.  She also owns an organic and vegan haven, Mandarava, in Newburyport, Ma.  You can find her there serving the chef’s tasting and about once a month for brunch.